FOOD: Lucky Chick, UP Town Center

Straight from the airport, we found ourselves strollin’ at UP Town Center for a comfort meal after a tiring day.

We were about to enter Case Verde but this new restaurant caught our eyes (just beside it). Checked the menu and surprisingly, it was affordable. So hey, why not give it a try, it’s fried chicken afterall 🙂


Lucky Chick (Interior)

At 7PM, this restaurant is empty, no customers yet, except us. Minutes after, several customers started to arrive. Baka maaga pa kami for dinner.

We ordered the Luckier Meal, which has 2pcs chicken, gravy, plain rice, 1 side, and iced tea and the Porkchop with Peach Glaze.


Lunckier Meal Set: Original Chicken, Hot Chick, Mac & Cheese

Orders arrived after 10-15 minutes. Surprised by the huge serving of breaded chicken! The Luckier Meal can feed 2 people alone with that size! Original chicken is super crunchy and almost tastes like Chickenjoy (almost lang, not super kalasa). Hot Chick I think is the original chicken seasoned with hot and spicy powder. I liked the Hot Chick better, it is not too spicy na nakakasamid but just enough to ump my appetite.

The porkchop, however, tastes weird. At first bite you may taste the pork like bocha or double dead pork. Tolerable and few spoonfuls after, we thought it was because of the peach glaze. For us, it was not a good combination (sorry, just being honest here).

Anyway, here’s How to create your own set meal:

Step 1: Chicken

Original, Hot Chick, Lemon Garlic

Step 2: Meat

Dark meat- Legs and Thigh

White meat- Breast

Step 3: Sauce

Original Gravy, Honey, Apple Cider

Step 4: Sides

Green Salad, French Fries, Mashed Potato, Coleslaw, (Homemade) Donut, Corn and Carrots, Corn on Cob, Corn Muffins, Biscuits, Plain Rice, Garlic Rice

Aside from the set meals (Get Lucky, Luckier and Family Style), you can also order from their wide selection of appetizers, salad, sandwiches, pica and more.

Note: They are still on soft opening so some items on the menu are not yet available. They are under the same group of Nolita at BHS.


Service- 4 stars (they can still improve serving time; staff are friendly, accomodating and very attentive)

Food- 5 stars (huge chicken servings; good variety on menu; presentation)

Ambience- 5 stars (simple and clean; LOVED their playlist)

Price- 4 stars (set meals are affordable given the serving size; roughly Php800 for 2pax 🙂


Have you tried this too? Lemme know what you think, drop a comment below. 🙂


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