TRAVEL : Japan DIY Itinerary and Expenses

On my previous post, I have shared the steps I consider and follow in creating our trip itinerary. It took us months to finally give it a rest. Too many places to see, do and eat! And eliminating items on the list is really heartbreaking. Well, we should definitely be back!

Here’s the complete daily itinerary for Osaka-Tokyo trip.

Day 0

Arrival at Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Train to Airbnb (JR Taisho Station)

Day 1

Osaka Castle Park

Shitennoji Temple

Sumiyoshi Taisha

Sorihashi Bridge “Taiko Bridge”

Universal Studios Japan



Day 2

Kinkakuji Pavilion (Golden Pavilion)

Nikishi Market

Yasaka Shrine (Gion Shrine)

Yasaka Pagoda

Gion (Geisha Street)

Higashiyama District

Fushimi Inari-taisha (Tori Gates)



Day 3

Kuromon Ichiba

Kodaiji Temple

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove




Day 4

Bullet train to Tokyo

Meiji Shrine

Yoyogi Koen Park




Day 5

Sensoji Temple


Ueno Park

Animate at Ikebukuro



Day 6



Tokyo Disneyland


Day 7

Narita Express to Airport


Summary of Expenses:

PHP USD (1USD = 45 PHP) JPY ( 1JPY = 0.43 PHP)
Round trip Airfare (via Cebu Pacific Air)* 5,230.88 116.24 12,240.26
Japanese Visa Processing Fee 900.00 20.00 2,106.00
International Travel Tax 1,620.00 36.00 3,790.80
Osaka Airbnb (4N) 3,893.00 86.51 9,109.62
APA Hotel Kanda Jimbocho Eki Higash (3N) 5,207.00 115.71 12,184.38
Kansai Thru Pass (3days) 2,222.00 49.38 5,199.48
Shinkansen (Osaka-Tokyo) 5,710.55 126.90 13,362.69
KIX Airport to Osaka 473.00 10.51 1,100.00
Narita Express 1,298.60 28.86 3,020.00
SUICA Pass 1,505.00 33.44 3,500.00
Tokyo Disneyland (after 6 Passport) 1,806.00 40.13 4,200.00
Universal Studios Japan 2,946.36 65.47 6,852.00
Pocket Money (Food/ Shopping) 31,992.00 710.93 74,400.00
TOTAL 64,804.39 1,440.08 151,065.23

*Seat Sale

There you go!

It’s not as cheap as i used to do it, but it’s all worth it.

Lemme know what you think, drop a comment below.


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