My attempt to become a Blog-err

OMG, this is it!


Zee happy face :)

Zee happy face 🙂

I’ve decided to make a blog to share my travel journal, food trip and life happenings. I’m no pro in writing, hindi ako malalim and creative when it comes to it. I want it to be simple, parang kwentuhan lang, para easy lang 🙂 I was inspired by my good friend Elaine to start blogging and helped me created my wordpress account (Check out her BBlog here).

Okay, let’s start of by these lame random facts about me, hehe!

  1. Travelling is my first love, and eating, my second . I work hard to go to places I wanna visit, eat what I want and buy whatever I want
  2. I’ve been working since 2009 as a Human Resources practitioner and is currently in a dilemma of changing my career
  3. I’m the eldest of 4 siblings (I have 3 brothers)
  4. My Shoe size is 7
  5. Okay, let’s skip the height.
  6. I have 8 piercings and 6 tattoos
  7. Favorite color: Orange, Brown
  8. I’m a nail polish addict, I have tons of them and if I’m not wearing one, I feel like naked (yup, exagge ako!)
  9. I love coffee even it makes my heart palpitate. I tried avoiding it but ended getting a decaf
  10. I always have candies in bag, mostly tictac and Wonka’s Nerds
  11. I have a pet Shi Tzu named Zooey (yup, got that right, she was named after my girl crush Zooey Deschanel)
  12. My greatest dream was to become a lawyer
  13. I prefer tequila/ vodka over beer
  14. I do not smoke cigarettes but I like to keep it organic
  15. I do yoga
  16. Dark chocolate lover, the darker, the bettah!
  17. I wanna be a surfer, not to build a snowman (nyeh, korny!)
  18. Just like any other girls, I enjoy shopping and going to malls
  19. I prefer jeans, shirt, and sneakers over girly stuffs
  20. I used not to eat veggies during my teenage years
  21. I don’t like roller coasters and the likes
  22. I’m not afraid of heights, it makes me more excited
  23. Though I love traveling, either by bus, private cars, boats, or planes, I always get dizzy.
  24. I easily get intimidated.
  25. Impulse buyer.
  26. I don’t cook, sorry future husband.

And that’s it! Thank you for reading and hope you guys find this blog helpful and inspiring.

Good luck and Cheers to more blog entries! Yeeehaaah!